Wooden boat mill at Kolárovo


The Malý Dunaj (Little Danube) is a 128km section of river that runs from the Danube and flows into the Vah. It is home to several water mills, but the Boat Mill at Kolárovo, a small town close to the Hungarian border, is the last existing specimen of the floating mill and the only boat mill in Slovakia. The current structure is a reconstruction of the original mill.

The mill is theoretically functional but in reality it cannot work on stationary water. It is connected with the bank by an 86 m long bridge built of locust wood, which is considered the longest wooden bridge in Europe.

The Mill now homes a skanzen (folk museum) with a thatched farmers house, and several interesting pieces of machinery including an historical engine-powered weaving loom to make fish nets. There is also the Krčma u Mlyna which among other things offers an interesting selection of herbal liqueurs  .


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