Múzeum holokaustu


The Holocaust Museum is built on the site of the Jewish Labour Camp in Sereď just over the river from us. During the second world war over 70,000 Jews were deported from the Slovak state mostly to labour camps. Sereď was one of three camps for Jews built following the adoption of the Jewish Code in 1941, and over 16,000 mainly Jews passed through the camp, many ending up in the camps of Theresienstadt and Auschwitz.
The museum opened earlier this year, and tells the story of the state’s collusion with the Nazis. It details both the terrible story of the camp and the treatment of Jews and other minorities, and the bravery of many Slovak non Jews who risked their lives to help them.
Most moving of all for me were the long lines of perspex plaques listing the names of those who died in the camp. A difficult place to visit but a very powerful and chilling reminder of a terrible chapter in European history.

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