Eventing at Gazdovstve Uhliská



Our first experience of eventing, or military as it is called here in Slovakia. Gazdovstve Uhliská is a few kilometres from the Czech border, near the town of Nemšová and a 90 minute drive from our home. It lies in the valley of the River Vah in the Carpathian mountains with stunning views all round. There are lots of friendly goats, and friendly people here too!



It turns out that a Military is not much different from a one day event back in England, the dress code is a little different and the audience a little less reserved – Nicci got two rounds of applause for finishing the Cross Country. Fortunately for us a few of the people there spoke English, so we were able to get the hang of where everything was. A stable was provided for Finn, my wife’s horse, which made everything a lot simpler. There was an excellent hostinec (Slovak pub!) on site, which although we did not try the food, looked very good indeed and everyone was very friendly. The dressage arena was pretty good, with good viewing facilities, and the cross country course was excellent. The parkúr (show jumping) course was a bit more makeshift but the jumps and course were technically good.
Note to my wife – the dress code here is not the same as in England – no tweed!!!
Very enjoyable day out and we look forward to finding more events this summer.

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