Alpine Road Trip October 2017


So my Alpine Road trip starts tomorrow morning, and will take me across Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia. Over 10 days I will be driving across the most dangerous, exciting and scenic roads in the Alps.

Day 1: Tomorrow I make the 450km Journey to Wagrain in the Austrian Alps and spend the night preparing for the main event.

Day 2 & 3: The next day I take on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and then head to Wassen in Switzerland via the Hahntennjoch Pass and the Klausen Pass – nearly 800km of driving.

Day 4: The highlight – three of the greatest roads in the Alps in quick succession, fondly known as the Big Three: Furka Pass, Grimsel Pass and the mighty Susten Pass. Only around 100km, but probably the scariest 100km of road in Europe! I think I’ll need a drink at the end of the day as I finish in the ski resort of Andermatt.

Day 5:  Andermatt to Martigny, dropping down into Italy and taking in the stunning Simplon Pass. 295km of scenic driving.

Day 6: From Martigny I take the magnificent Great St. Bernard Pass down to the Aosta Valley in Italy. Then I drive on through Northern Italy to Lombardy to spend the night in Monza – home of the Italian Grand Prix. Another 270km covered!

Day 7 & 8:  A drive round Lake Garda, taking in Verona and heading past Venice to spend the night on the Adriatic coast: 450km of hopefully more relaxed driving – but I’m not sure you can ever relax with Italian drivers!

Day 9: Head to Slovenia taking in the capital city of Ljubljana and heading toward the fairy tale lakeside town of Bled. Only 160km today so plenty of time for sightseeing.

Day 10: Back to Slovakia, a 500km drive. Over 3000km of driving in just 10 days: home – hopefully with some great memories and a collection of amazing photos!!





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